Checklist Of Documents You'll Need When Enrolling Your Child In Kindergarten

Posted on: 26 April 2019

There are so many milestones that occur in young children's lives. Milestones are significant changes in development, often resulting in celebration but, sometimes, milestones are a bittersweet reminder that your little one isn't so little anymore. One such milestone is when a child enters kindergarten. To make that possible, parents are required to register their children for school. However, in order to do so, you may need to do a bit of legwork to ensure you have the correct paperwork and documentation to register your child for kindergarten. Here are a few items to gather.

Certified Copy of Your Child's Birth Certificate

Since children need to be a particular age to register for school in a specific grade, you'll need to provide proof of their date of birth. Of course, this is easily done with your child's birth certificate. However, it needs to be a certified copy, which will have a seal. If you do not have a certified copy of your child's birth certificate, you can obtain one from your state's vital records department. Keep in mind that it could take as long as four weeks for the birth certificate to arrive. 

Proof of Residency within the School District

You will need to show proof that your child resides within the school district where you will register them for kindergarten. To show this proof, you can provide your driver's license with your current address as well as a utility bill (or other computer generated bill) in your name that shows the address of the residence. Another thing you can do is ask your child's pediatrician to provide a statement with their letterhead that says your child resided at your specific address.

Immunization Record

You will need to provide your child's current and up-to-date immunization record so they can be registered for kindergarten. Different states have different requirements for immunizations of school-aged children, so you'll need to check first to see if your child's immunizations meet the requirements. Here you can find a list of the various requirements by state. If your child's immunization records do not meet the requirements, then schedule immunizations for your child before you register him or her for kindergarten. 

In conclusion, it's a good idea to get started on gathering the documentation and making sure your child has the required immunizations well before it's time to register your child for their first year in school. That way, you're not scrambling at the last minute trying to schedule an appointment or waiting desperately for the certified copy of the birth certificate to arrive on time in the mail.