When A Simple Flu Warrants A Trip To The Clinic

Posted on: 26 April 2019

Having the flu is often not a reason to see a doctor. In fact, in some cases, your doctor might even provide you with simple advice on how to treat the flu and send you on your way. However, there are cases when the flu may warrant a visit to the doctor, especially since it might not just be the flu.

Your Fever Lasts Too Long

If you have a fever, whether or not you should go to the doctor has nothing to do with how high the fever is but rather how long it lasts and whether or not medications can bring it down. If your fever persists, you should visit the doctor. A fever can take its toll on your body because it will raise your heart rate. 

You're Having a Difficult Time Breathing

Whether or not you can breathe normally is another important factor. If you're not able to breathe normally, this is a sign that you may be progressing to pneumonia. This is a sign that the infection has moved down into your lungs. This often coincides with a persistent fever. 

You Have a Weakened Immune System

Depending on who you are, you should definitely see a doctor if you have the flu. If you are 65 or older, have a weakened immune system as a result of medications or HIV, or are younger than 19, you should also consider going to see a doctor.

It Hurts to Swallow

You may have a sore throat that makes it hurt a little bit to swallow. However, if it hurts a lot, this can be a sign of an infection that must be treated by a doctor. Or, you might have suffered an injury.

You Have Chest Pain

If you have chest pain, this should never be ignored. Chest pain is a sign of a potential heart attack, which can be triggered by having the flu. You might also have pain in your left arm, jaw, upper abdomen, and shoulder blades.

You Suffer from Postnasal Drip

When you have a cough as a result of postnasal drip, the mucus will move from your nose into your throat. In this situation, the cough needs to be treated with antihistamines. 

When you feel like you can't wait, make sure to head over to a walk-in clinic. While you'll have to wait longer to see your doctor, you may be able to see a doctor right away at a walk-in clinic such as MED7 Urgent Care Center for treatment.