Why Parents Should Consider Cleft Lip Surgery

Posted on: 26 April 2019

Do you have a baby who was born with a cleft lip? If so, you may feel overwhelmed. Perhaps your baby's pediatrician has advised you that it is wise to consider cleft lip surgery. The thought of surgery on a young child can be frightening for many parents. Therefore, some parents may refuse the option. Many doctors take the time to explain why surgery is viable. However, parents who are devastated may not understand or remember what they were told. The following points will help you understand issues that could arise if you decide that you are against cleft lip surgery for your child.

Speech Issues

Individuals with cleft lip may have difficulties pronouncing certain words. Choosing to have surgery can correct this issue. Babies start speaking their first words at an early age. Those who do not receive cleft lip repair may have delayed speech development. This can interfere with learning and cause other issues. Surgery along with speech therapy can improve your child's chances of leading a productive life.

Self Esteem Issues

Individuals with cleft lip may self-esteem issues. Many are teased, which can cause them to not want to interact with others. It also the issue of individuals staring at them, which can cause them to shy away from social interactions or feel different. Some of them may also avoid going places.

Dental Issues

A major reason to get cleft lip surgery for your baby is that a cleft lip can impact teeth development. This means that avoiding surgery can result in dental deformities. Your child may have to undergo various dental visits or operations to correct the deformities.

Feeding Issues

A cleft lip can interfere with proper chewing of food. This can cause nutritional deficiencies. It can also cause embarrassment because the individual may experience difficulties keeping their food in their mouths.

A surgeon who performs cleft lip repairs is an excellent resource to understand why cleft lip surgery is ideal. They can also put to rest any fears you may have. Some parents fear their children being in pain. These surgeries are generally performed with the child receiving anesthesia. This ensures comfort as well as ensuring that the child remains calm during the procedure. There are additional issues that could occur if you forfeit getting the surgery. Getting it performed as soon as possible can benefit your child. Some parents regret at a later date that opted to delay the cleft lip surgery for their children.

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