How To Navigate The Death Of A Loved One

Posted on: 28 April 2019

Death is never easy to deal with, especially when someone you care about passes away. While nothing can make it easier, there are steps you can take to deal with a loved one's death in constructive and healthy ways. Here are three tips that can help you navigate your loss:

1. Stay involved in the funerary process.

When their loved one passes away, many people feel hurt by a lack of closure. This is especially true when their loved one died suddenly or in an unexpected way. If you feel that you need closure, staying involved in the funerary process can help you achieve that. This may look different depending on the deceased's final wishes. For instance, many people choose to be cremated after their death, but ashes can be buried in a cemetery plot, scattered, or kept by loved ones in an urn.

If your loved one was cremated, find out if you can help with the ash scattering or burial ceremony. If the deceased was very close to you, they may have wanted you to have their ashes, in which case you can keep it close to you at home in a decorative urn. Having this personal experience with your loved one's remains can help you to accept your loss so you can begin to move on.

2. Allow yourself to grieve.

Although you may be tempted to shut out memories of your deceased loved one, grieving is healthy. It's part of the natural process that everyone goes through when dealing with the death of someone they loved. Don't be ashamed to cry, but remember that everyone grieves in their own way. You may not feel like crying. Just respect your own grieving process and try to be as gentle with yourself as possible during this difficult time.

3. Lean on loved ones.

In times of great loss, people often find that their surviving friends and family members are the ones who give them strength to carry on. Allow your friends and family to support you. Call them up when you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. Remember that you don't need to go through your grief alone. Sometimes talking about your pain or sharing happy memories of your loved one can help you feel better.

Although you may not feel better immediately, handling your loss in productive, healthy ways can ultimately help you find healing. These tips will help you find your way immediately following your loved one's death.

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