How To Start Getting Medical Marijuana

Posted on: 29 April 2019

If you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal, you may be able to get onto a cannabis therapy regimen. There are a lot of things that medical marijuana can help with, from things like PTSD to cancer. If you think that you have a condition that may be helped by cannabis therapy, you might want to get a consultation to see if it is something that would be good for you. 


In most places, a consultation about getting medical marijuana starts with a referral. You'll have to speak to one of your physicians to ask them to refer you to a local clinic or provider. Depending on what your medical condition is, you may have a selection of medical professionals to speak to. Before you ask your doctor or another medical professional for a referral to a provider, make sure that you talk to them about their views on medical marijuana. If it isn't something that your doctor doesn't necessarily agree with, they may not want to refer you for treatment. That would mean that you would need to talk to a different doctor. 


The consultation can often have two separate parts. The first part would be a group meeting. The provider would be able to provide a lot of information to a lot of people all at once. That can include things like the basics of medical marijuana, the types of marijuana, how to get it, and what some of the effects may be. The second part would be a more one-on-one meeting. You would meet with the provider, and they can talk to you specifically about your medical situation and the various things that can help you. They may also be able to suggest various kinds of delivery systems. For example, if you are getting medical marijuana because of severe arthritis, the provider you talk to might suggest that you go with a cream or ointment that has been infused with marijuana. You can rub that cream or ointment right into the affected joint in order to get the health benefits from it. The provider can also suggest whether or not you should go with a Sativa or indica for more pain relief for your problems. 

If you think that you can get medical marijuana, you will need to make sure that you get as much help as possible. The first step in that is to get a consultation.