Missionaries In Africa Should Understand Medical Flights

Posted on: 29 April 2019

Missionary trips to Africa can be a rewarding experience for both you and the people who you help. However, you may run into issues with your health – such as an out-of-nowhere injury – that may be very problematic if you don't use medical flights to get the high-quality care that you need.

Injuries in Africa May Be Hard to Treat

Although Africa has plenty of medical treatment options for visiting missionaries, many challenges exist that could make your treatment more difficult. For example, you may be in an area with limited care options in facilities that struggle to stay financially solvent.

You may even end up in a facility that lacks many types of treatment options simply because they haven't been imported there yet or the hospital cannot afford them. If your injury is severe or even life-threatening, you may be put in a scary position that requires medical flights to avoid.

Medical Flights Can Get You Home

Although your attending African physicians are likely well trained and fully capable of treating your injury with suitable instruments, the financial challenges common in many parts of the continent may make medical flights a necessity for your treatment and care.

This transportation option is commonly utilized in such situations and is considered a method of repatriation that can bring you home for more specialized treatment. You may even be taken to other African hospitals with better facilities or somewhere in Europe for more specialized treatment.

Ensuring Your Flight is Covered

If you end up getting a medical flight during a missionary visit to Africa, you need to fully understand the potential cost that you may pay. Typically, an average flight cost anywhere between $12,000 to $25,000 if you don't get your insurance to cover this payment.

Thankfully, medical flights may be covered – beyond any co-pays that you may own your company – in most situations. For example, if the attending physician states that the flight is medically necessary for the care of the individual – i.e. treatment at the African center cannot help them – then the flight is almost always covered.

So if you are planning on a trip to Africa and want to make sure that you are safe from injury, talk to your insurance company about your coverage options and learn more about medical flights near you. This option could save you pain and suffering and even safe your life.