Three Reasons To Choose A Massage Therapist Who Offers Cuddle Therapy

Posted on: 29 April 2019

One thing that you'll often find about evaluating different massage therapists in your area is that many will have other types of therapies that they offer. For example, many massage therapists also train in craniosacral therapy, which can help them to work on different restrictions that they identify in your body. You shouldn't be surprised to encounter some massage therapists who offer cuddle therapy. This type of care might be new to you, but it's increasingly popular and can benefit people in a variety of ways. Here are three reasons that you may want to seek out a massage therapist who also offers cuddle therapy.

You're Alone

A lot of people get the cuddling that they need from their spouse or partner, but not everyone has this luxury. If you don't have someone in your life with whom you can cuddle, it might be time to turn to a healthcare practitioner to get the physical touch that you desire. This can be better than perhaps meeting someone and being too hasty to cuddle, all because you feel as though you've gone a long time without this contact. When your massage therapist offers cuddle therapy, you can relax and know that you're getting what you need.

You've Experienced Grief

There are many different ways that you can deal with grief, including exercising, talking to a therapist, and taking medication. Whether you're working on some of these methods and are looking for something complementary, or you just feel a strong desire to be physically comforted, a session with a massage therapist who offers cuddle therapy might be what you need. This type of care can help your body to release the emotions that it has perhaps stored up due to your grief.

Your Relationships Lack This Contact

Some people deal with relationships that provide plenty of physical touch but not of the comforting, calm variety. For example, if the bulk of your contact with your significant other is sexual, you might be satisfied sexually — but not feel as though you're getting the physical contact that you need in a non-sexual manner. This is another reason to explore cuddle therapy if your massage therapist provides it. By relying on your massage therapist for this type of contact, you may be able to avoid conflict with your partner. For example, if he or she isn't into cuddling, you won't risk having an argument when you ask for a cuddle.

Speak with a local massage therapist about the types of therapy and massages that they offer.