Three Types Of Dermatology Compounds You Can Find At A Compounding Pharmacy

Posted on: 29 April 2019

Compounding pharmacies are willing to make a lot of different medicines that traditional pharmacies will not or cannot make. Some of these are dermatology compounds for topical use. The following examples show three types of compounds often applied to the skin that a compounding pharmacy is willing to make.

Natural Herb-Infused Ointments

Herbology is the study of herbs and the effects herbs have on the body. They are part of natural and alternative medicine. In a compounding pharmacy, these herbs can be crushed and added or infused to an ointment. The skin readily absorbs the oils and moisture from the ointment and subsequently absorbs the herbal medicines too. An example of such an ointment is a tea tree oil infusion that fixes both dry foot skin conditions and particularly foul foot odor conditions. The tea tree oil in the ointment kills the bacteria that cause foul foot odor while the ointment softens the dry skin.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Creams

Imagine taking a sample of your own hormones, like estrogen or testosterone. Then the pharmacy creates a bioidentical replacement and infuses it into a cream medication. Women can rub a dose into their vaginas or labia, while men can rub a dose into their scrotums. These creams replace a loss of hormones that are the direct result of the aging process but in a way that is temporary and safer than taking a constant pill every day to help make sex possible. The creams also alleviate some of the more difficult symptoms of testopause and menopause so that you can lead a more normal life after forty or fifty. 

Acids in the Form of Gels

Salicylic acid, a common compound for acne, is often delivered in over-the-counter wipes or pads. However, there is a better way to do that, and there is a better concentration via topical gels. These gels almost immediately evaporate on the skin, leaving only the medicine behind to rub into the problem spots.

This dermatological delivery method works for cosmetic facial peels as well as it does for acne. The concentrations of the acids in gel form are relatively higher, too, making them fast-acting with short prescription use and duration. They can clear up most skin conditions rapidly and with less medication and less time using the medication. If you have been prescribed a high concentration of an acid medication, ask the compounding pharmacy to put it in gel form. 

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