5 Signs That It's Time to Undergo a Qualitative Fit Test

Posted on: 30 April 2019

Qualitative fit tests are conducted to make sure that the respiratory mask that you wear in the workplace fits properly and protects you as it should. In any of the five situations below, ask your employer what you need to do to have one of these tests done.

1. You're Starting a Job Where You'll Be Wearing a Respiratory Mask

First of all, if you are starting a job where you will be wearing a respiratory mask, you'll probably need to undergo a qualitative fit test before you can start work. This is especially important for people who are new to wearing this type of mask while on the job, since they might not really know how the mask is supposed to fit.

2. It's Been a Year Since Your Last Test

There are requirements that state that employees should have these tests done regularly. Following this schedule will help keep you safe and help you make sure that neither you nor your employer is noncompliant with these safety regulations.

3. You've Gained or Lost Weight

When you gain or lose weight, you might gain or lose weight in your face. This can obviously have an impact on how well your respiratory mask fits. Having a test done can help you make sure that you have chosen a new mask—or that you have appropriately tightened or loosened your existing mask—to make up for this weight loss or weight gain.

4. You've Had Dental Work

If you have had certain types of dental work, it can have an impact on how your mask fits. For example, if you have had a tooth pulled or if you have gotten dentures, you'll need to have another test done.

5. You've Had Plastic Surgery on Your Face

If you have recently had some type of plastic surgery on your face, you might not think that it will have much of an impact on your job after the healing process. However, you might not have thought about how your procedure could impact the fit of your mask. If you've had surgery to change the shape or appearance of your face, you should have a qualitative fit test done just to make sure that your mask still fits you properly.

Wearing a properly fitting respiratory mask while doing certain jobs is important for your health and safety. A qualitative fit test will help with this, so make sure that you have it done in the situations listed above. Contact a qualitative fit testing and training service for more information.