Do You Need To See An Audiologist?

Posted on: 30 April 2019

Hearing loss is common and can occur for a number of reasons at any age. Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with the signs and symptoms of hearing loss and are completely unaware of when they need to schedule an appointment with an audiologist. The only way to determine if you have an auditory impairment is to undergo a professional hearing test. This article will explain a few instances when you need to seek help from an audiologist.

Excessive Buildup of Earwax

There are many benefits to earwax in the ear. For instance, earwax helps to protect the inner ear, and earwax also moisturizes the ear canals. When earwax builds up excessively, you may try to attempt to clean it out yourself with a cotton swab or through the process of candling. Unfortunately, this may lead to hearing loss. If there is a large amount of earwax buildup in your ear and you are having difficulty hearing because of it, it is recommended to schedule an appointment with an audiologist who will be able to remove the earwax without causing any damage.

Trouble Hearing in Crowded Areas

If you find yourself in a crowded place, such as a shopping mall or a restaurant, and you are finding it difficult to hear what people are saying, then you may be experiencing some level of hearing loss. This can lead to you having to get others around you to repeat themselves and/or speak louder than normal. Eventually, you may find yourself distancing yourself from your friends and loved ones, withdrawing from social activities, and becoming depressed. To avoid this from happening, seeking medical attention sooner rather than later is imperative.

Sudden Loss of Hearing

Temporary and sudden loss of hearing can be a result of trauma to the ear; however, if you have not been in any kind of an accident and you experience sudden hearing loss, you still need to be concerned as there is a problem somewhere. In some instances, the sudden loss of hearing may be caused by a new medication that you are taking or as a result of extremely loud noises that you have surrounded yourself with. Speaking with an audiologist will help identify the culprit and determine the appropriate course of treatment.

If you have signs of hearing loss, don't wait; schedule an appointment with an audiologist in your area to get checked out. If you are losing your hearing, there are numerous state-of-the-art hearing devices available that can improve your quality of life.