IVIG Can Help Construction Workers With Lupus

Posted on: 30 April 2019

Construction workers need strong and stable bodies to ensure success while on the job. However, they may develop diseases like lupus that make their career path more difficult. Thankfully, treatment methods such as IVIG can help you overcome this problem and ensure that you stay on the job as long as possible.

Lupus is a Painful Situation

Lupus is a disease that is triggered when your immune system starts attacking your body's own cells. The development of this disease can be sporadic and hard to predict, but when it affects a construction worker, their career is going to be heavily affected. For example, they might struggle to avoid excessive pain when an attack of lupus strikes up during a gig.

And if a worker is on a high-rise building or somewhere dangerous, an attack of lupus could practically immobilize them and put them in a very challenging and potentially deadly situation. Therefore, the management of this disease should be focused on preventative methods that decrease your risk for attacks, such as IVIG therapy. 

IVIG Therapy May Help

Those who suffer from lupus can receive care from a unique treatment method known as IVIG, or intravenous immunoglobulin. This substance is made using various types of donated blood and is injected into your skin through your vein to trigger a multitude of reactions. The most common of these reactions is an immediate dampening of your immune system.

The decrease in your immune system is typically not extreme enough to cause any health problems or an increased risk of disease infestation. However, your immune system should decrease just enough to stop the spread of lupus throughout your body. In this way, you can decrease the effects of this disease and get back to work as soon as possible.

When you receive this type of treatment, you may receive other care methods to help improve its effectiveness. For example, you can receive various forms of steroids and antibiotics to improve your overall health and manage any infections that occur due to your treatment. These tweaks to your care can ensure that you don't experience lupus at a heavy level.

So if you're a construction worker who wants to decrease your lupus symptoms before your next big gig, make sure to consider IVIG treatment as soon as possible. This care method can ensure that you don't experience any crippling pain while in a challenging position.