Stuck With No Career And A Philosophy Degree? Consider Spiritual Care

Posted on: 30 April 2019

Philosophy majors may feel like they are lost in a crowded business field with nowhere to turn for a successful path. However, a spiritual care position may provide individuals like you with the help that they need to forge a great life journey.

Those With a Philosophy Major May Struggle

Going for a philosophy major is often the choice of thoughtful and intellectual people who want to learn more about life. They take their education very seriously and focus on some very difficult thoughts and concepts and explore them to their fullest extent during their college career. However, they then emerge onto a crowded marketplace with nowhere to go.

The heavily business-oriented marketplace of today's society doesn't have much room for a philosophy major who is thoughtful, intelligent, and articulate. And while these individuals may get masters and even doctorate degrees to teach, some may stop at their bachelor's degree and struggle to find career options. However, there may be an out here through the path of spirituality.

Philosophy and Spirituality May Entwine

Philosophy is an interesting field because it often heavily entwines with elements of spirituality and even religion to create a unique conceptual understanding. Many spiritual movements have heavy influences from philosophy and become more intellectually engaging for many when explored at this angle.

If you have an interest in spirituality based on your philosophy major, there is a real good chance that you can engage in a career that interests you. The best choice in this situation is like spiritual care, as this career path is one that is both in high demand and quite intriguing to the right person.

Spiritual Care May Be a Good Career Path

Philosophy majors with a heavy interest in spirituality may be best suited for a path in the spiritual care field. Individuals in this career work with individuals who are suffering — such as those who just lost a loved one — and provide them spiritual comfort and philosophical care that can help them get through these difficult times in an effective way.

Those with a philosophy major are uniquely suited to this career path because they will understand multiple viewpoints and conceptual ideas that can make explaining death and loss easier. Just as importantly, they will have the intellectual strength to deal with hard questions in a way that helps others in real ways.

So if you're a philosophy major and don't know what career step to take, you may want to consider training for spiritual care. This option doesn't require you to become a minister but will require spiritual and religious training to help you understand the philosophy of death and mourning. 

If you need help finding a job in the spiritual care field, contact an organization like Thorne Consulting that offers spiritual care job placement.