Top Reasons To See A Sports Medicine Doctor While Recovering From Surgery

Posted on: 30 April 2019

Playing sports or engaging in regular exercise or physical activity is a great way to promote good health, manage your weight, and keep your body strong. However, one of the downsides of sports and physical activities is the risk of injury. While many sports injuries can improve with minimally invasive treatment, rest, and time, some sports injuries do need to be surgically repaired. If you have a sports injury that needs surgery, you will most likely be operated on by an orthopedic surgeon. While you will need to follow up with your surgeon after surgery, you may also want to be under the care of a doctor who specializes in sports medicine. Some of the top reasons to see a sports medicine doctor while recovering from surgery include the following:

Manage Pain

While surgery is the first step in repairing a serious sports injury, you do need to be prepared for a recovery period following surgery. When you see a sports medicine doctor after your surgery, he or she can help with pain management as well as providing medication that will help reduce swelling. You can count on your doctor to listen to you and develop a pain management plan that meets your needs through each phase of your recovery.

Provide Treatments to Promote Healing

Doctors who specialize in sports medicine have extra training that teaches them new approaches to helping athletes heal from sports injuries after surgery. As you move through your recovery, a sports medicine doctor may have treatments available in his or her office that promote healing and help cut down the length of your recovery time. These treatments can include specific types of massages, the use of hot and cold tubs, and even electric stimulation. A sports medicine doctor will be up to date on the latest techniques and methods being used to promote healing in post-surgical athletes.

Restore Strength and Range of Motion

After surgery for a sports injury, you will most likely need physical therapy. You can get these services from a physical therapist, but you can also turn to your sports medicine doctor for more information about specific stretches and exercises that you should be doing to help with your recovery process. When you finish your physical therapy sessions, you may want to continue to work with your sports medicine doctor to continue to strengthen the area of your body that was injured in order to prevent future injuries. 

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