Planning Your Pregnancy? 4 Reasons to Add Physical Therapy to Your Healthcare Routine

Posted on: 2 May 2019

If you're pregnant, you need to make sure that you focus on your own well-being. After all, the best way to care for your baby is to ensure that you're getting the proper care as well. One way to do that is to start making routine visits to a physical therapist. You might not realize this, but regular visits to your physical therapist can help prepare your body for pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. Here are four important benefits you'll receive from making time for physical therapy appointments during your pregnancy.

Keep Your Pelvic Muscles Tightened

During pregnancy, a lot of pressure is put on your pelvic muscles. Unfortunately, weak pelvic muscles can lead to problems during labor and delivery, as well as serious problems later on. Some of those problems include bladder and bowel incontinence, as well as discomfort during sexual intercourse. A physical therapist can help you strengthen your pelvic muscles so that you avoid those issues.

Prevent Abdominal Muscle Separation

Your abdomen is comprised of a network of muscles that run vertically from side to side. During pregnancy, those muscles begin to separate, especially as you enter the third trimester. The more those muscles separate, the more prone you are to back pain, abdominal pain, and pelvic pain. You can also develop something known as round ligament pain. Not only that, but once those muscles suffer significant separation, they may not recover post-pregnancy. With regular physical therapy sessions during pregnancy, you can strengthen your core and avoid abdominal muscle separation.

Learn Proper Breathing Techniques

When it comes to a healthy pregnancy and childbirth, proper breathing is essential. Not only will proper breathing techniques help you relax and keep calm during pregnancy, but they'll also help you during labor and delivery. Your physical therapist will teach you proper breathing techniques to use during physical therapy. However, those same breathing techniques can also be used to help you relax during labor.

Practice Proper Pregnancy Posture

You may have perfect posture right now, but once you get into your second and third trimester, you might notice a significant change. Unfortunately, improper posture during pregnancy can lead to back, hip, and knee pain. Your physical therapist will help you develop the proper pregnancy posture you'll need as your baby continues to grow, develop, and prepare for birth.

If you're pregnant, now's the time to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist. Physical therapy can help you avoid more discomfort.