Sex Reassignment Surgery: Things You Need to Know Before Surgery Can Proceed

Posted on: 2 May 2019

Transgender procedure services are not just about transforming into the opposite sex. There is a lot that comes before the sex reassignment surgery. If you feel that you really want to move forward with this procedure, here is everything you will need to do before the surgery is ever scheduled. 

The Consultation

You have to find and choose a doctor who is willing to do and capable of doing this kind of surgery. Most insurance plans do not cover it, so you will have to pay for most of it out of pocket. During the initial consultation, your doctor will discuss all of the necessary steps and protocols you will need to complete before your surgery can be scheduled. 

The Psychological Prep

In many states, people who want to be reassigned surgically to the opposite sex have to go through some psychotherapy. The reasoning is that you will have to accept major changes in your life and in how you will be viewed and treated, and you will need to learn how to address situations where you may be made to feel very uncomfortable. Understanding the psychology of physical change and transformation and all of the potential psychological weight that might come with that is vital to making your transition as smooth as possible. 

Living as the Opposite Sex

When you commit to having the surgery, you may want to begin living as the opposite sex to help you transition mentally. For men, this may involve things like wearing more feminine clothing and putting on makeup. For women, this may mean dressing in more masculine clothing, wearing shorter hair, and letting body hair grow out. People typically have to begin taking hormones to transition from the cisgender they are to the gender they want to be. This is done for at least a year before sex reassignment surgery. It helps you and your body transition more easily after surgery. 

Male-to-Female Surgery Is Easier Than Female-to-Male Surgery

It is easier to perform male-to-female surgery than female-to-male surgery, according to The Washington Post. In male-to-female surgery, there is more genital tissue to work with than in female-to-male surgery, and it is fairly easy to add breasts with implants. In female-to-male transitions, "top surgery" is the process whereby breasts are removed completely, and reconstruction helps reshape the chest into a more masculine appearance. These are all things you will need to consider moving forward. 

Reach out to a transgender surgery service for more information.