Your Guide To Using Medical Marijuana During Your Cancer Battle

Posted on: 4 May 2019

Medical marijuana can be a valuable tool in the fight against cancer. It can alleviate many of the symptoms caused by the cancer itself or by the cancer treatments. Keep reading to learn valuable information about using medical marijuana during your cancer battle.

How Marijuana Helps with Your Cancer Battle

There are two well-known chemicals in marijuana: delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (better known as THC) and cannabidiol (also referred to as CBD). Both of these compounds can reduce discomfort associated with common cancer symptoms and side effects associated with frequently prescribed cancer treatments, like chemo and radiation.

THC can reduce inflammation in the body and help alleviate pain related to the cancer itself or the treatments. Reducing inflammation in the body will reduce pain on its own, but THC also binds to receptors in the brain, working to further minimize pain levels. 

During chemo or radiation, it's common for the patient to lose their appetite, experience nausea, and ultimately lose weight. The THC can help alleviate feelings of nausea and assist with restoring the patient's appetite. This can help minimize the amount of weight the patient loses during their fight against cancer.

CBD is also effective at reducing inflammation and pain within the body. It can also assist with alleviating anxiety, helping the patient maintain a high sense of mental well-being during their cancer treatments.

Marijuana Can Slow the Growth of Cancer Cells

Preliminary research indicates that chemicals in marijuana can help slow the growth of cancer cells in the body. Though marijuana on its own does not cure cancer, it can slow the progression of the disease and allow the patient to pursue treatment options that can cure their cancer. With some rapidly progressing forms of cancer, time is of the essence when it comes to pursuing and completing an effective treatment regimen.

How You Consume the Marijuana Matters

How you consume the marijuana can influence its effect on the body. For example, when you consume marijuana in baked goods, this slows the absorption of the THC. Since the body needs the THC for pain relief, consuming edibles with marijuana may not be the best option for cancer patients. Eating marijuana also causes the production of compound that can cause mood changes.

To deliver the chemicals in marijuana to the bloodstream more quickly, it's better to inhale the marijuana, either by smoking it or vaporizing it. This helps the chemicals reach the brain at a faster rate. Inhaling marijuana also minimizes the production of the mood-changing substance associated with edibles.

For more information, contact a medical marijuana dispensary in your area today.