3 Footwear Tips To Keep Your Feet Safe When You Have Diabetes

Posted on: 5 May 2019

Diabetes does not just impact the way your body processes food. It impacts various other systems in your body as well, such as your nervous system. One unfortunate side effects of diabetes are foot issues due to a lack of feeling in the foot. One way to protect your feet from damage when you have diabetes is by being more aware of your feet.

Always Wear Shoes

It can be tempting in the summer to walk barefoot. It can be nice to walk barefoot on the beach in the sand, or to go barefoot into the water at the ocean or into the lake. However, when you have diabetes, you don't have as much sensation in your feet as someone without diabetes. That means you could injure your foot, and not realize right away, which could lead to more serious foot issues.

That is why in the summer, and throughout the year, you should always wear shoes when you are outside. This includes when you are in the water. Get some water slippers, which are shoes that are lightweight and made with materials that will not get weighted down by the water and will provide you with traction to help you stand up.

Wear Slippers Inside

Next, you should wear shoes inside of your home too. When you walk around your home, there are lots of opportunities for you to stub your feet and injure your toes. That is why you should wear slippers inside of your home. Slippers will help protect your feet from injury within your home and can even provide you with better traction as you walk around your home.

Invest in Diabetic Friendly Footwear

Finally, you should invest in diabetic friendly footwear. Diabetic friendly footwear are shoes that have more space around the toes. Your shoe should have more of a box shape, which will give your toes enough space to wiggle around and not get squished or hut.

When looking for shoes, you should also look for shoes that don't have any seams inside of the shoe; seams can rub against your feet and harm your feet when they are sensitive. You can add orthotics to your shoes as well to give them a better fit.

Make sure you also wear diabetic socks. Diabetic socks don't have seams, and offer a tight fit which help promote the flow of blood.

Always protect your feet if you have diabetes. You need to wear shoes inside and outside, even in the summer. You should invest in diabetic footwear that supports your feet and keep them well-protected. Custom orthotic services can help give your feet the support they need.