Corrections For Common Psoriatic Arthritis Myths

Posted on: 4 August 2019

There are many people that will develop arthritis over the course of their lives. When this occurs, it can have major impacts on their quality of life, and being misinformed can lead to patients being unable to mitigate the impact their arthritis has on their quality of life.

Myth: Age Is The Only Factor In Determining Whether Someone Develops Arthritis

While age can be one of the leading factors in determining whether a person is likely to develop arthritis, it is possible for younger individuals to also develop this condition. This can be particularly true of individuals that have suffered major joints injuries or those that experience repetitive strain.

Myth: Intense Joint Pain Is The Only Symptom Of Psoriatic Arthritis

Understanding the warning signs of developing psoriatic arthritis can be extremely important for being able to reduce the severity of the condition. Arthritis is caused by the protective padding between the joints breaking down. As a result, pain is not the only warning sign that a person is developing arthritis. For example, this condition can also contribute to people experiencing unusual swelling, difficulty moving during the morning and evening, as well as a gradually decreasing range of movement for the arthritic joint. By seeking treatment soon after these symptoms start to develop, a patient will find that they can dramatically reduce the severity of their symptoms by seeking treatment early. This will allow for the swelling and degradation of the joint to be kept to a minimum.

Myth: Psoriatic Arthritis Patients Should Avoid Exercising

It is often assumed that exercise should always be avoided by arthritis patients. Yet, mild exercise can be extremely beneficial for strengthening the joints while also promoting the body's natural regenerative qualities. However, it is essential for patients to avoid overdoing this activity as they could put excessive strain on the affected joints. Discussing the exercise routines that will be the most beneficial for your condition with your doctor can ensure that you strike the right balance.

Myth: It Is Impossible To Effectively Manage Psoriatic Arthritis

Individuals that have recently started to develop psoriatic arthritis will often assume that the condition will simply worsen and there is nothing they can do to slow or stop it. However, there are many treatments that can slow the progression of a patient's arthritis while also reducing the symptom severity so the patient can enjoy a high quality of life despite this condition. In addition to prescription medications, there are physical therapy treatments and surgical procedures that are often employed to provide relief to arthritis patients.

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