What Does Your Blood Test Lab Show?

Posted on: 29 June 2021

One of the biggest reasons why people get regular blood test labs is simply because a primary care doctor recommends them. Having blood taken can be uncomfortable or even painful, but it can also be life-saving.

Do you want to know what your blood test is going to show? These are some of the things your doctor will look at.

Complete Blood Count

The first major result is your CBC. This is a common test because it is so useful. Your doctor will look at this number to see if you have a potential infection or any serious inflammation in your body. It can reveal a lot about your diet and your lifestyle.

This test will look at specific types of blood cells. You will learn more about the levels of red and white blood cells in your body, which can provide insight into your iron, hydration levels, and more.

Lipid Panel

The lipid panel is also a crucial blood test. A lipid panel examines cholesterol in your body, looking for high-density and low-density lipids. This tells the doctor how much "good" cholesterol you have compared to the "bad" cholesterol. This can be a useful tool for showing what kind of lifestyle changes you need to make for a healthier diet.

Blood Glucose

A look at your blood glucose will provide information about your blood sugars. It will help determine if you might have an issue with your glucose levels, which can be a sign of diabetes. Catching diabetes early can prevent permanent damage to your health.

Metabolic Panel

A metabolic panel will look for a variety of different concerns in your blood, including your calcium levels. It will also look at the protein in your body, looking for levels that could indicate a problem with your liver or another body part.

Thyroid Tests

Some tests are also used to examine your thyroid so that a doctor can rule out a thyroid issue. The doctor may also request these labs if you already have a disorder and he or she wants to look at your medication levels. This helps the doctor determine if the medication is working.

Make an Appointment for Labs

If you have not had a blood test in a while, it is important that you consult with a professional. Blood test labs can show you what lifestyle changes you need to make and show the doctor if a diagnosis and treatment will be necessary.

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