Tips To Keep In Mind If You Want To Try A "Morning After" Pill From An Abortion Clinic

Posted on: 27 September 2021

You've always tried your best to practice safe sex and prevent pregnancy, but mistakes do happen from time to time. If you have reason to believe that you made a mistake in the bedroom in the last day or two and you are panicking because you don't want to get pregnant, you may be looking around your area for an abortion pill clinic or any facility that advertises the "morning after" pill. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you address this situation.

Healthcare Clinics Practice Discretion But You Still Have to Provide Some Information to Get the Best Treatment Option for You

You might not be feeling great about yourself if you have to walk into a healthcare clinic and ask for this particular type of pill. You may want to be as discrete as possible in some circumstances, but you should also understand that the clinic will need to get some basic information from you and you'll therefore be asked some questions. 

The clinic might need to know the exact timeline as far as your last sexual encounter goes or if you are currently taking birth control pills or any other type of medication that is related to the reproductive system. You can answer without worry because any information you give will remain private.

"Morning After" Pills Typically Work Similar to Birth Control But Be Sure to Ask Questions

"Morning after" pills typically get the job done by increasing the amount of mucus around the cervix. Doing this prevents sperm from getting through. There are different pills that offer variations though, so be sure to give as much information about yourself as possible and inquire about all options to find the right pill for you.

Be Aware That Some Side Effects Can Occur

If you have previously had a side effect or reaction to a birth control pill or a "morning after" pill, make sure you let the clinic experts know. You should go into this expecting some side effects to happen regardless of which pill you end up taking. One of the most common side effects is nausea, and it's for this reason you might not want to make plans for the rest of the day after visiting an abortion pill clinic, or at least until you are sure you the time period for side effects have passed. If you suffer a severe reaction, contact the pill clinic for advice or consult your primary care physician.

To learn more, reach out to a local abortion services clinic.