Activities You Can Do To Fight Depression

Posted on: 8 August 2022

Dealing with depression can be debilitating. In addition to seeking therapy and medication for your depression symptoms, there are some activities you can do yourself to make yourself feel better. The following are some examples of activities you can do to help distract you from your depression. 

Outdoor Physical Exercise

One of the best ways to instantly boost your mood is through physical exercise. The chemicals and endorphins in your brain will increase from the movement. Outdoor exercise is also great because the sunlight provides you with ample levels of vitamin D which also helps you feel better. Some examples may include taking a walk, running, biking, or even gardening.

Swimming is also a fun form of exercise. If you live near a beach or a lake, the experience can be even more beneficial because you can take a break on the shore and relax in the sand, and spend some quiet time reflecting on how you feel.

Cook a Meal

If you enjoy cooking, or even if you do not, try cooking when you are feeling depressed. Cooking is a great way to distract yourself while getting a reward at the end. Cooking lets you work on your cooking skills, learn something new, try new ingredients, and try new recipes. If you prefer to bake, you can get the same benefits and get a delicious dessert once you are done.

Enjoy a Warm Bath

A warm bath is another great way to help yourself feel better. A bath is more than just a way to cleanse yourself. A bath can be an experience that is zen and full of self-care. Get some bath salts, bath oils, massage bath tools, bubbles, and a good book. Spend an hour or two soaking in the tub when you feel depressed. You will feel refreshed and renewed.

Read a Good Book

Some people may benefit from reading a good book when they feel depressed. Keep the topics light, funny, or romantic. You may even want to read some inspirational nonfiction or self-help books. Avoid anything that may trigger you or make you feel even worse. If you do not have books on hand, head to your local library to see what books are available that might interest you.

Start a New Hobby

If there is a hobby you have been wanting to get into but never found the time for, now is a perfect time to start. Purchase some materials or dive into researching a hobby you are interested in. Getting into a new hobby is another way to escape any bad thoughts you may have.

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