2 Benefits Of Enrolling Your Live-In Elderly Parent In A Senior Wellness Program

Posted on: 29 June 2023

If you have an elderly parent who lives with you, they may still be able to somewhat get around on their own. However, when you have to go to work, you may worry about leaving your loved one alone without you there to provide social interaction or general care.

If this is the case, you may want to consider talking with your parent about the possibility of enrolling them in a local senior wellness program that provides a comprehensive package full of activities that can improve their quality of life. Below are just a couple of the benefits that such a program can provide for your elderly parent.

1. Social Activities Help Combat Feelings of Isolation While Also Stimulating Your Loved One's Mind

One benefit of enrolling your elderly parent in a senior wellness care program is that it provides social activities that can also offer educational opportunities. When an elderly person is left alone for hours, the feelings of isolation can become overwhelming, which can lead to depression and mental decline.

When they participate in the program's social activities, however, they can interact with others their own age through classes, outings, and organized social hours. Not only can this combat their feelings of loneliness, but educational activities help to stimulate their mind to help stall mental decline.

2. Ability-specific Physical Activities That Help Maintain Strength, Balance, and Range of Motion

Another benefit of having your parent attend a program is that doing so allows them to participate in ability-specific physical activities. As a person ages, their muscles can quickly become weaker when not used regularly, which can affect their range of motion and create balance issues that could lead to falls.

As part of the wellness program, the physical activities are tailored to their current physical capabilities and age. The exercises and activities are designed to help maintain their strength, balance, and range of motion. 

When you have an elderly parent living at home, having them attend a wellness program can provide them with activities that will provide opportunities for social engagement while also stimulating their mind. It also allows them to participate in activities to help them build stamina and maintain their physical health. If you would like to learn more, contact a center that offers senior wellness care in your area to speak with someone to see if they have any available programs that can help your loved one.